About Patricia

Because taking care of yourself is a priority

Your life is worthy of the change you desire

The work I do is important to me because I’ve been there.

My journey of self-discovery has included therapy, self-help books, crying an ocean of tears, the support of family and friends, and a lot of introspection to connect the dots in understanding who I am and how to move forward.

Talk therapy was helpful, but there was always a hurt piece inside of me that I couldn’t access. I was getting so triggered, even though I intellectually understood what was happening.

Sound familiar?

My story of becoming whole again

Understand your pain and own your worth

As you heard in my story, I put a lot of effort into making changes in my life. But there was always something missing.

Then I discovered a style of therapy called Family Constellations. This approach looks at the family system, as well as the science of Epigenetics, to uncover the root cause of our issues and heal it somatically.

It was through this approach that I experienced healing.

The gut reaction of “you’re not worthy” was at the core of my triggers.

This understanding was the pivot I needed to go after what I really wanted in my life.

Now I’m on a mission to help other women figure out what’s wrong and not working so they can build a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Create a deep, loving relationship with yourself

This is the most important part of your life journey. It affects every single part of your life: work, relationships, parenting, and friendships.

Without self-love and understanding of self, you have no anchor in your life. You’re easily overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to be perfect, taking care of everything and everyone.

Most importantly, it leads to not trusting your own instincts and even your worth.

You deserve better!


Start healing and own your worth 

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