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Patricia Carr - Life Coach

Everyone else gets what they need, but what about you?

Finding the right balance when you’re juggling your relationship, kids, career, and family obligations isn’s easy.

You give so much and it feels like you’ve lost control of your life, your sense of self, and you don’t feel valued.

When the speed of life leaves you struggling to cope, I can help you find your way.

Are your boundaries working for you or against you?

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Understand yourself and why you’re stuck

We all carry a past that can influence our present and future.

Through our work together, we’ll uncover the root of what weighs you down so you can heal from it.

After our work together, you’ll be empowered to:

Release what's holding you back

Release what’s holding you back

Know who you are and what you want

Know who you are and what you want

Take back control of your life

Take back control of your life

“Why” is the key to understanding and change.

The struggles that are getting in your way are connected to fears, anxiety, and limiting beliefs you’ve learning throughout life.

We’ll explore these symptoms and circumstances to find the root cause of what’s challending you today.

As we discover the “why,” you’ll gain a better understanding of and empathy for yourself.

And, ultimately, you’ll be empowered to change the course of your life.

“Patricia has given me the tools to RELATE to the world and life’s curveballs. What a powerful word this was for me. It means finding my seat in the world. Belonging without having to change who I am. Accepting myself and seeing my value, what I bring to the table.

She’s patient, understanding, reassuring, and so helpful when it comes to seeing things from another perspective. Her laugh is contagious! I felt lost and drained when I reached out to her. Patricia helped me figure out that who I am helped me navigate through life but the boundaries that were so helpful until today, no longer serve me.

I was able to tackle my anxieties and resentments. I learned acceptance. Something I will keep working on every day.

Patricia is the pot of gold at the end o fthe rainbow!! She was my treasure this year for sure!

Thank you Patricia!

—Lucy, Ottawa

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